Edition 15 - 13/12/2017

December 13, 2017

The final regular Abstract Paradigms for the year is here with Christmas bells on and ready to fill your stocking with quality music goodness. With Christmas parties and end of year celebrations aplenty, there's a bunch of cool local stuff being performed which I could get ideas for the show from.

Join us again on Sunday for another entry into our interview series!

This week's tracklist:
Letraset - A Swim [Chapter, 2002]
Big Yawn - Ort [Data Arts Group, 2017]
Cooper Bowman - A1 [Altered States Tapes, 2017]
Hideous Towns - Stranger's Doors [Self-released, 2017]
Golden Scalpel - Curse [Hidiotic, 2017]
iubar project  & Modus Op - Untold [Clan Analogue, 2017]
SPAWN - 420 stoned over [Self-released, 2017]
Little Songs Of The Mutilated - A subtle transition from wasting away quickly, to a fluffy retail position [Self-released, 2017]