Abstract Paradigms

Edition 19 - 16/02/2018

February 16, 2018

We're back to a bit of normality in the second month of the year, but now with episodes coming out on Fridays. This episode has plenty of music being played locally with some exciting new releases of different styles. I'm always on the lookout for new releases, so please feel free to send me links to stuff you think would fit the show!

This week's tracklist:
Mollusc - Touch it Up [It, 2018]
Mollusc - Relief (Papaphilia Remix) [It, 2018]
Filth Goddess - Red See [Outcome Unknown, 2017]
Centre Negative & Kraus - Horses Dreams [Spik & Span, 2018]
Moe Chee - Courtyard [Shame File, 2018]
The Ballbusters - Hate [Self-released, 2017]
Exek - Punishment [W.25th, 2018]
Elisabeth Dixon - Asherah [Trait, 2018]