Edition 8 - 25/10/2017

October 25, 2017

For generations anglers across the globe have used the humble maggot as prey to reel in the mythical "big one". This week I adopt a similar approach, making use of the lineup of Maggot Fest to reel in the deadliest catch - you, the listener. Throw in some musique concrète from local artists Red Wine & Sugar and a brand new drone piece from Melbourne's DFFDL and we've got sides and drink to go with it.

This week's tracklist:
Red Red Krovvy - To Do List [Helta Skelta, 2017]
Ubik - Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account [Lost in Fog, 2016]
Oily Boys - Cabramaverick [Self released, 2017]
Red Wine and Sugar - Wherever You Go, Make it so You Were Barely Ever There [Index Clean, 2017]
The Roamin' Catholics - T.F.A. [Repressed Records, 2017]
M.O.B. - Exit Lane [Paradise Daily, 2016]
Exek - Replicate [Another Dark Age, 2015]
White Walls - Summit [Black Wire, 2017]
DFFDL - And Drifted (pt. 1) [Frustration Jazz, 2017]