Edition 9 - 01/11/2017

November 1, 2017

November has come so we can all sleep easy knowing the dream-skeleton is locked away for another year. Don't be too complacent though, as my voice might give you a shocking fright juxtaposed against the excellent sounds of today's episode. With local artists and interstate wanderers, sonic explorers and sound collaborators, there's plenty of stuff here to digest.

This week's tracklist:
Anthony Pateras & Erkki Veltheim - The Slow Creep of Convenience (Excerpt) [Immediata, 2017]
Amplified Elephants - AnimuHowl [X-Alt, 2012]
Lisa Lerkenfeldt - Bed Linen II [Vienna Press, 2017]
Victorine Meurent - Bachelors (Three Kinds of Figs in Four Kinds Of Light) [AughtVoid, 2017]
J. Campbell - Hunter River at Dusk [Summer Isle, 2017]
Kane Ikin - Crosstalk [Type, 2016]
Nasho - Candid Streets [Self-released, 2017]