Interview 1 - Simon J Karis

November 19, 2017

Abstract Paradigms is proud to present the first in a recurring series of interviews, slated for release every couple of Sundays. The first of these is with sound artist, labelhead at Nice Music, and owner at Polyester Records Simon J Karis. This interview, recorded at Polyester on August 29, 2017 covered Simon's history with making music, running the label, and Polyester records. We went back to an early 2000s Geocities page, and Simon picked 5 tracks for us to listen to near the end.

Tracklist for Interview 1 - Simon J Karis:
Match Fixer - Attempts I [Nice Music, 2017]
Simon J Karis - Nut Crunch [Self Released, 2013]
Cocks Arquette - Pointlessly Vindictive [OSCL, 2012]
Hyde - International Moss [Nice Music, 2017]
Simon J Karis - Romance [Nice Music, 2017]
Bead - See You Run [Self released, 2017]
Lorenzo Senni - Win In The Flat World [Warp, 2016]
B L A C K I E - Academy Academy [Self released, 2017]
Small World Experience - Sugar Beats [Tenth Court, 2017]
Suburban Lawns - Janitor [IRS, 1981]