Abstract Paradigms

Interview 2 - Nat Grant

December 4, 2017

For number two in our interview series, we're lucky enough to present this hour and a half long episode with fantastic Melbourne-based percussionist, sound artist, and composer Nat Grant. Nat has composed for theatre, dance, installations, and is a seasoned improvisor. She holds a PhD in composition from VCA and has been actively performing in Melbourne and worldwide for over 10 years. In addition, she also runs the excellent interview blog Hey Drums, focusing on female and non-binary drummers, and is currently preparing the Prima Donna podcast - focusing on the stories of older Australian female artists. In this interview we go all the way back to high school when Nat first picked up drumsticks through to today. Rest assured, this is NOT the Christian pop singer.

LSO Percussion Ensemble - Music For Pieces Of Wood (Steve Reich) [LSO Live, 2016]
Nat Grant & Richie Cyngler - Live at Make It Up Club 10/10/2017