Abstract Paradigms

Interview 3 - Sam Eckhardt

January 14, 2018
In the latest Abstract Paradigm Interview, I talk to Sam Eckhardt from Weirdo Mazic, Weirdo With a Dictaphone and Lulu's about DIY music, documenting Melbourne's underground scene, and tracking down rare bootlegs. We listen to some of the releases from Weirdo Mazic, as well as the YMO-backed record that inspired the name.
Russell Street Bombings - Russell Anthem [Weirdo Mazic, 2017]
Susan - Ah! Soka [Epic, 1980]
Hikashu - Puyo Puyo [Weirdo Mazic, 2016]
Suburban Lawns - Boyfriend [Weirdo Mazic, 2016]
Orion - Last [Weirdo Mazic, 2017]
Repairs - Live at Bar Open 5/5/2015 [Weirdo Mazic, 2017]
Flat Fix - Tighes Hill Tap Water [Weirdo Mazic, 2017]