Abstract Paradigms

Interview 4 - Grace Kindellan

January 28, 2018

In this interview I have a chat with Grace Kindellan of Melbourne punk-band Wet Lips, and local label Hysterical Records. We talk about Grace's journey to starting Wet Lips, Wetfest, and Hysterical, as well as talk about the band's perseverance in the face of a patriarchal subculture. Check out some of Wet Lips' music at their Bandcamp and check out Hysterical Records' site for more information when you finish listening.

Wet Lips - Shame [Hysterical, 2017]
Shrimpwitch - Lust For A Kick [Hysterical, 2017]
Terrible Truths - See Straight [Bedroom Suck, 2015]
Jen Cloher- Strong Woman [Milk!, 2017]
Lazertits - Lil Sister [Hysterical, 2017]
Swim Team - Positively Hopeless [Hysterical, 2017]
Wet Lips - Hysteria [Hysterical, 2017]