Abstract Paradigms

Interview 5 - Cooper Bowman

January 31, 2018

Instead of a normal episode this week we're lucky enough to have another interview, this time with Altered States Tapes head and electronic musician Cooper Bowman. A driving force in many notable projects, Cooper makes non-functional dance music as Roman Nails, cathartic industrial as Kneeling Knave, and so much more that it's probably worth just giving his page on Discogs a read. In this interview we talk about the influence of growing up in Newcastle on his music, and Cooper's thoughts on the DIY approach, money in experimental music, and making music on a Nintendo DS.

Check out the Altered States Tapes Blogspot and Bandcamp, as well as Instagram and Soundcloud. Upcoming CB related gigs can be found here and here.

Cooper Bowman - Mosquito Jazz [Strange Rules, 2018]
Kneeling Knave - Stamina [Chondritic Sound, TBA]
Opal Beau - Club Panopticon [Altered States Tapes, TBA]
Loose-y Crunchè - Doof 2017 [Altered States Tapes, TBA]
Hitoshi Kojima - Divest [Altered States Tapes, TBA]
Sansibar - Sun [Altered States Tapes, TBA]
Roman Nails - Dusty Keys [TBA, TBA]