Edition 29 - 04/05/2018

May 4, 2018

Time for podcast! Lots of music coming out soon, both in terms of releases and gigs!

This Week's Tracklist:
Alex Macfarlane - Square Guy In A Round World [Hobbies Galore, 2018]
Fia Fiell - At The First Clear Word [Nice Music, 2018]
WPH - Like A Swarm [Nice Music, 2018]
The Stroppies - Maddest Moments [Tough Love, 2018]
Klein - Last Chance [Self-released, 2018]
Rashad Becker - themes viii [Pan, 2016]
Street Hassle - Runaway [Self-released, 2018]


Edition 28 - 27/04/2018

April 27, 2018

Every week on Abstract Paradigms we try and break free of the chains of release schedules and commitments, but we never seem to crack it. Despite our failures, we push on, and this week I've collected some sweet new releases and tracks from overseas artists playing in the coming week. Let me know of anything you think I should play or add to the gig guide at michael@abstractparadigms.com.au.

This week's tracklist:
Nat Grant - Marengo (Excerpt) [Ventor, 2018]
Exogene - Bell Toll [Self-released, 2018]
Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh - Ears Are Filled With Wonder (Excerpt) [Trost, 2016]
Ducklingmonster - Low Low [Self-released, 2014]
Jaala - Gwynne [Bedroom Suck, 2018]


Edition 27 - 20/04/2018

April 20, 2018

Tasty treats for your ears this Friday! Listen in and then get out to some shows! Big gig guide, but if you want to suggest more hit me up at michael@abstractparadigms.com.au

This week's tracklist:
Carolyn Connors - Housework A Problem Get Rid Of The House [Self-released, 2017]
Sage Pbbbt - Charms (1) [Tone List, 2017]
Betty Apple-鄭宜蘋 - I am in the rear room Ohne mich 我在後房沒有我 [Self-released, 2016]
Spotting - Please [Aarght, 2017]
Badskin - where was i (Part 1) [brierfield flood press, 2018]


Edition 26 - 13/04/2018

April 13, 2018

Take the time away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and fall into the caring arms of the podcast nine out of ten critics agree "comes out on a Friday".

This week's tracklist:
Masses - Worthy [Lost in Fog, 2018]
Nick Dan - Miucaud [Self-released, 2018]
Orbits - Who put bella down the wych elm? [Whalesmouth, 2014]
Blank Realm - Revanche [Hobbies Galore, 2018]
The Green Child - Traveller [Hobbies Galore, 2018]
Celiac - Ride or Die [Self-released, 2018]
Activities of Daily Living - None of your business [Self-released, 2018]
Opal Beau - Bronze Mirror [Altered States Tapes, 2018]
Loose-y Crunché - Chatty Reptile [Altered States Tapes, 2018]


Edition 25 - 07/04/2018

April 7, 2018

This week's episode is late and short, but let's all have a good fun time and enjoy the pleasant weather. Back to normal next week.

This week's tracklist:
ZÖJ - Doostet Daram Baba Jan [Self-released, 2018]
Yoshitake Kawai - Blue [Self-released, 2018]
Lara Kills - Hypnic [Self-released, 2017]
Slag Queens - lena [Listen, 2018]
Mara - Map (onishi) [Self-released, 2017]


Edition 24 - 30/03/2018

March 30, 2018

This week's episode has a surprising amount of live recordings of bands given that the gig guide is briefer than usual. They are all of the finest quality, however, and serve to get you ready to see these bands in the near future right here in this very city.

Remember that if you have any ideas for stuff I should play, or gigs I should put in the gig guide that I love to hear from you. Send a message on facebook or email michael@abstractparadigms.com.au.

This week's tracklist:
Crash - Live@TheTote 07.02.18 [Self-released, 2018]
B.C. - Estranged [Self-released, 2017]
Torrential Brain - Night Heron Live [Ambigious Utopia, 2018]
Insomnicide - Entropy [Self-released, 2017]
A demon sheen - The Tension of Bells and Beaks [Self-released, 2018]
Bura Bura - City Prison [Moontown, 2018]
Club Sound Witches - K-9 [Moontown, 2018]


Edition 23 - 23/03/2018

March 23, 2018

A massive but not very long episode with a bunch of cool new releases and stuff being played locally right now. Like, right when this is uploaded.

This week's tracklist:
Lawrence English - Sonambulist [Room40, 2017]
Piss Factory - 377 [Psychic Hysteria, 2018]
Todd Anderson-Kunert - It's Taking Forever [nonlinear, 2018]
Shelly Knotts - Chroma [Self-released, 2015]
Den - Into the Ether [Paradise Daily, 2018]
NKDX - Mash Down Rome [Paradise Daily, 2018]
Dianas - Heart of Me [Healthy Tapes, 2017]
Rik Rue - cowboy click [Shame File Music, 2018]


Edition 22 - 16/03/2018

March 16, 2018
On this week's Abstract Paradigms I don't talk much because my family dog died and I'm sad, but there's still great music to listen to. Have a listen at and tune back in next week when hopefully we get back to normal and the gig guide returns.
Compound - Amazed Onlooker [Altered States Tapes, 2018]
Music With My Insane Friend - Thereabouts [Self-released, 2018]
Activities of Daily Living - Consumption [Listen Records, 2018]
Horse Pills - A Parting Glance [Listen Records, 2018]
Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa [Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2015]
The Slits - Man Next Door [On-U Sound Records, 2015]
Prince Far I - Nuclear Weapon [On-U Sound, 2015]

Edition 21 - 02/03/2018

March 2, 2018

A new edition of Abstract Paradigms in which I make several mistakes! See if you can spot them to win the super-prize! Thankfully, none of the music I play is included in those mistakes and the selection of tracks is in fact excellent.

This week's tracklist:
Snake & Friends - Forever New [RIP Society, 2018]
MoE - Mr Tokyo [Conradsound, 2016]
Divide and Dissolve - Assimilation [Dero Arcade, 2018]
Subespai - Overtime [Chemical Imbalance, 2018]
Product - Chrome [Self-released, 2018]
InfraGhosts - Phantom Pain [Self-released, 2018]
Civic - Sattelites [Anti Fade, 2018]
The Nightcrawlers - Geistesblitz [Anthology, 2018]


Edition 20 - 23/02/2018

February 23, 2018

The bell tolls! Don't worry, no one has died, it's time for new Abstract Paradigms to get you ready for an immense amount of live music happening this week! I really should get a better alarm so people stop asking me about funerals.

Tracklist for this week:
The Trendees - Motorcycle (Makes Loud Noise) [Albert's Basement, 2017]
Big Yawn - Lowlite [Fallopian Tunes, 2013]
Matthias Schack-Arnott - Fault Traces (Excerpt) [Self-released, 2017]
Real Love - You Can [Self-released, 2017]
Jannah Quill - Live at KORNER, Taipei 12.17 (Excerpt) [Self-released, 2017]
Rita Revell - No One Like Me [Happy Endin', 2014]
Eyeliner - Toy Dog [Beer on the Rug, 2015]
Bowlines - Waiting In Long Empty Spaces [Self-released, 2016]